About AUTHOR Jeff Jackson

As my book describes, I’ve lived a fairly interesting and sometimes very challenging life.  

God has graced me with Helen, my beautiful wife of 44 years, three grown and married children, and seven grandchildren.

Our time living in Japan and then later in the Philippines helped feed our love for people from every ethnicity, culture, and language, and our passion for traveling internationally.  On three different trips to Europe, we’ve been able to visit Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, England, Scotland, and France. One of our favorites trips was a Panama Canal cruise.

I’m a voracious reader, with at least three to four books going at any one time.  The vast majority of books I read are histories of countries or empires, biographies, and worldview/culture-related.  I read a small handful of novels each year. I love Robert Ludlum, Frederick Forsyth, Tom Clancy, John Grisham, and David Baldacci. 

Baseball is my favorite sport–by a huge margin.  I’m a die-hard San Diego Padre fan.  I usually attend about a half-dozen games each year and one of my greatest joys is going to Spring Training in Phoenix as often as possible.

I stay as involved in serving my local community as possible.  I’ve served on the board of a few local non-profit organizations, and also a few that provide humanitarian service from a Christian worldview in other countries.

My health challenges limit my ability to do normal exercise, so I try to stay in shape by doing cardio and range of motion workouts in a swimming pool.

And yes, Helen and I see our kids and grandkids that live locally on a regular basis.  We attend whatever school-related or sports-related activity they participate in.

All in all, I’m in a beautiful season of life and have absolutely nothing to complain about.  God’s grace towards me and my family always has been and will continue to be amazing, I’m sure of that.